Funeral Poems for Mothers

The loss of a mother is a difficult experience.  Funeral poems can bring comfort to grieving family members and friends. Poetry about mothers written with spiritual themes, poems written long ago by famous poets and poems by contemporary poets all have a place at a mother’s funeral. Here are some tips to help you find and choose the right poems for a mother’s funeral or memorial service.

Check the library for published poetry collections. Many libraries now how online access so that you can quickly locate and sometimes even view poetry books without leaving your home.

Search online for poems.  Simply by entering “funeral poems for mothers” or “poems for mothers” in a search engine will yield many pages of results to explore.

Here are results from a recent search:

A Mother’s Love by Helen Steiner Rice
Motherhood by Joaquin Miller
What is a Mother? by Francis Cardinal Spellman
She is Gone by David Harkins

Choose a poem that brings to mind your mother’s character, faith, philosophy or acts of service. You may find a poem that will bring a smile to those attending her funeral.  Just as in the eulogy and sharing of memories, a poem read at a mother’s funeral can pay tribute to her life and help ease the pain of her loss.


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