Selecting a Funeral Poem

It’s not always easy finding the right words when someone close to you passes away. The worries of saying too much or too little can overshadow how you really feel or prohibit you from comforting those around you. However, sentiments, such as funeral poems, can help you find exactly what to say. Whether it’s an original verse or previously published prose, this type of ode helps express certain thoughts and feelings about the death of a loved one.

About Funeral Poems
Funeral poems, also known as bereavement or memorial poems, come in various lengths, from a variety of sources and cover all types of losses, They are comical and somber, general and exclusive or religious and agnostic. They typically describe the feelings one has for parents, children, friends and other close relationships.

You can incorporate funeral poems into all aspects of a death and burial where you need to express condolences or other sentiments of bereavement. Unlike their name, these poems are not only for use in a funeral service; these verses are also appropriate for a:
Ash scattering
Celebration of Life Service
Burial or committal
Graveside service
Visitation or wake
Special military service

You can also include funeral poems into many of the printed materials used for a service such as  funeral booklets,  funeral invitations, funeral or memorial programs, prayer cards, acknowledgment cards and bookmarks. Some families also engrave a short poem on a loved one’s headstone, monument or urn.


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